Pitching for Success

The following teams made final presentations on Day 2 of the Collaborate to Improve Care Hackathon:

  • Waste not, want not - Waste medication in care homes and ordering process.
  • Hodor - Face recognition for door control.
  • Empower Rangers - Empowering care home staff to feel confident and valued to work autonomously.
  • Maradona - How can we stop a person in a care home becoming a patient and losing their identity?
  • Better Together - Facilitating information sharing for Ben who has more than 100 people involved in his care.
  • the F word - Prevent and reduce incident of falls.
  • Quakathon - Joint health and social care standards across the care home sector.
  • Our Team - How do we develop the Market to provide care and support for those individuals who present with complex behaviours that challenge?
  • Myth Busters - To resolve problematic recruitment of qualified nurses within nursing homes and change perceptions of the sector.
  • Sense and Sensibility - Every person living in a care home should be able to fulfil their sensory potential. To enable this we intend to improve engagement with crucial services.
  • Digital Me - How can my life plan be accurate and meaningful if I am not cognitively able to contribute?
  • The Jumping Jacks - How do we reduce the turnover of registered care home managers and equip them with the skills and leadership expertise required?
  • We are 6A - Implement a single decision making tool to avoid unnecessary ambulance attendances at care homes to improve patient experience by improving education and training within care home environment.
  • JOY (Juggling Older Years) - Supporting the emotional needs of residents in care homes, their carers, care home managers and the staff team through the delivery of holistic care plans and suitable training.